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Do you have a plan to move to the cloud or how to manage your hybrid environment? It seems like there is a lot of talk about the cloud, and there are some good use cases for it, but we also need to understand what we should keep on-premise. As well as have a strategy when we re-design our environment.

So first, we need to define a hybrid environment, so what do you think a hybrid environment is? Well, a hybrid environment is using your on-premise data center and AWS, or Azure, or Google.

So maybe you are referring to this as a hybrid cloud, but a hybrid cloud is using the public cloud and the private cloud together. An example of a hybrid cloud is using AWS and EC2 Outpost in your data center. Each cloud vendor has private cloud services, for AWS, an example of a private cloud service is AWS OutPosts. And the main difference between having other services on-premises and having a private cloud service on-premise is that the private cloud still has to meet the cloud computing criteria and also be dedicated directly to your business.  

If you are interested in learning more about Cloud Computing, let me know, but here is a podcast with OneAffinity where we discuss hybrid server ecosystems where organizations utilize both cloud and on-premise servers to run their business. And most important how to do it right!!!!

Hybrid Cloud Ecosystems 101

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